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Aviation Maintenance Solutions LLC

Founded in June of 1999, we have experience and knowledge with a multitude of aircraft and seek to maintain the highest standard in our quality of work.

We can send you a list of mechanics and their qualifications/experience and scope of services upon request to

We have experience with:

Boeing 737-200, 737-400, 737-800, 737-800 MAX, 737 MAX, 747-400, 747-800, MD-11

Airbus 319, 320, 320 NEO, 321, 321 NEO, A400

Bombardier CRJ 200, CRJ 700, CRJ 900

Embraer 145, 170, 175

We also provide Other Services to help simplify the process and expedite ground time.

Aviation Maintenance Solutions (AMS): Welcome
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